13/4/2015 Matterhorn Training on Ben Nevis

A couple of classic spring days in the Scottish Highlands gave Marc & John some superb alpine training high on the North Face of Ben Nevis.  They even got a bit of 'alpine hut training', staying in one of the UK's few equivalents - the famous C.I.C. Hut, although, as there were no other teams in the hut there was no training in the essenital alpine skill of ifnoring other teams snoring, shuffling, wandering about and general bag rustling!

However the mountain training element was supebly alpine and enjoyable.  Day 1 consisted of an ascent of Ledge Route followed by descending the same route as training for the essential alpine skill of downclimbing.  A traverse of the Douglas Boulder gave an enjoyable finale to a fine day before an atmosperic evening & starry night at the hut was enjoyed with the tradition of a Haggis supper being on the menu!

An early start the following morning provided the alpine delight of crunching up the well frozen snowy approach gullies before the dry rock clambering of the lower dry section of Tower Ridge.   As the photos show, the climb became more mixed and very alpine in nature as height was gained with again, the fine finale of the Eastern Traverse, ascent of the Great Tower, crossing of Tower Gap and final pitch to the summit of the Nevis Plateau.

Next alpine training weekend for Marc is in Llanberis, Snowdonia, early this summer and these weekends, along with other endurance & mountain activities should enable him to hit the ground running on his alpine trip & Matterhorn attempt with us this summer....