17/2/2015 - Superb Winter Climbing Conditions Continue on Ben Nevis!

The Scottish Highlands and in particular, the West Highlands are currently experiencing the winter climbers holy grail of sustained cold temperatures with stable weather following a period of melt freeze following a period of high snowfall.  Lots of ice and lots of stable snow with blud skies above.  Perfick!

Many teams have been profiting from the awesome ice conditions that have built up accordingly with various ascents of the revered famous ice route, 'The Shroud' as well as it's less well known but also tough & steep proposition 'Bewilderbeast'.  Loads of other classic ice routes are being enjoyed in great condition inlcuding Mega Route X, Vanishing Gully, Point Five Gully, Zero Gully, Hadrian's Wall Direct, Smith's Route, The Cascade and The Curtain.

Further South on Bein Udlaidh conditions are also good with many of the classic Grade V's like Croc & Peter Pan Direct in fine condition.