2/3/2015 - Alpine Mountaineering Training in the Scottish Highlands

We discuss many mountaineering projects with guests wanting to climb in the Alps in summer and who can see the massive benefits of pre-alpine training courses in winter & spring in the Scottish Highlands.  The conditions here often create a tough and exacting environment even for climbing some of the simple 'Munto' summits.  Add some quality relevant mountaineering training and a progression of tackling slightly more technical routes and the benefits are obvious & huge.  

Not only do the mountain miles accumulate and give endurance to the leg muscles they give confidence in the whole bodies physical capacity to undertake some long & tough mountains days that both the Alps & Scottish Highlands sometimes demand.

Dave is climbing with us in Chamonix & The Bernese Oberland in the Swiss Alps this coming summer and has just spent an excellent, fun, challenging & informative 3 days pre Alpine training based in Fort William with massivley experienced local Guide Alan Kimber.  You can see some of the pictures from the course on Alan's blog via that link.

They spent 3 good days training despite some heavy snow, heavy rain and high avalanche risk climbing the Zig Zag's in Glencoe, spending a day crevasse rescue and alpine rope work training and then heading east to tackle some of the classic mountaineering ridges of the Northern Corries of Cairngorm.

We have more Alpine & Matterhorn training courses later this winter & spring including another one with Alan based at the famous CIC Hut below the North Face of Ben Nevis.

Spring conditions can give a fantastic training & general mountaineering experience of climbing stiff refrozen snow with crampons early in the morning followed by mixed scrambling over snowy & icy rock followed by warm & dry rock climbing in the sun later in the day....sometimes all on the same route!  

We also have courses based in Snowdonia in spring and summer to help with the classic scrambling, rock climbing & ropework elements of forthcoming mountain trips.

Get in touch for more details of how we can help with the planning and training for your alpine mountaineering trip this summer....