Craig Storey, Open University / British Antarctic Survey Alexander Island expedition, Dec / Jan / Feb 2004/5

I am a Geologist with limited mountaineering skills and less survival skills, particularly in polar conditions. Yet, somehow I managed to land a six week field excursion to the depths of Alexander Island, located off of the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula at more than 70 oS. Luckily, the British Antarctic Survey issued me with a first class Field Guide: Rob Jarvis. Rob patiently, and with good humour, taught me the basic mountaineering and camp craft skills that I would need to survive. Rob’s attention to detail and professionalism ensured an extremely successful field season whilst his companionship provided a great experience that will never be forgotten. The enduring memory is one of me happily tapping away at rocks, while Rob dreamt of attempting mouth-watering first climbs, but alas never had the opportunity. On the few occasions when there were potential problems, such as poor weather or snow conditions, Rob maintained a calm presence, which was always reassuring. Rob is a fantastic field guide who I would recommend to anyone, and a really nice guy to go with it.