Jerry Ostrowski, London. Introduction to winter climbing, Feb 2007

I am a summer rock climber with no winter climbing experience but always wanted to see what i was missing out on. I booked Rob on a recommendation and for three days in Feb this year Rob taught me the essentials to go out and climb safely with a friend in Winter. I was a bit hesitant in booking as i have hired guides before and you end up not doing quite what you were after but Rob was totally accommodating in what i wanted to do, professional in his approach and put me totally at ease about something i had never done before, was nervous about trying but always dreamed about doing. As well as learning heaps i got loads of quality climbing in and at the end i felt i was climbing with a mate, not a guide, having a great time but always looked after within an environment i was not used to. My aims were achieved with Robs help, and i am very grateful for his patience, guidance and good humour.