Reference for Robin Jarvis in application for membership of the Association of British Mountain Guides.

I am grateful to have been asked to provide a reference for Robin Jarvis in support of his application to attain membership to the British Association of Mountain Guides. I am not a highly qualified climber and mountaineer and will therefore not be able to propose myself as the technical ‘mentor’ role for this application. I understand that this responsibility is being fulfilled by Mr Alan Kimber. However, if I can provide further information or help in any way I will be more than happy to undertake any supporting role that is required. I can confirm that I have known Robin (Rob) since 1993 when we began our studies at the University of Stirling, during which time we cohabited in shared accommodation for some three years. We have remained strong friends over the years and I can strongly endorse his character, which I would describe as engaging and easy to get along with. He is also well humoured, balanced, honest and very thoughtful of others. In the time that I have known Rob, I have been witness to his enthusiasm for climbing, which subsequently became a professional development. I have followed with interest his career to MIC guiding level and his work with British Antarctic Survey. I can confirm his commitment, investment of time and resources, and his hard work and dedication to what I understand is a long term and serious undertaking, in order to qualify for membership to the British Association of Mountain Guides. As a supporting anecdote I may mention that, previously a cyclist, I too have become a general climbing and mountaineering enthusiast, albeit at a somewhat lower technical level (VS rock climbs and grade II/III in winter). I have spent many days mountaineering and climbing with Rob in Scotland, Yorkshire, and also on a trip to the Atlas mountains, and I have always been extremely glad of his patient encouragement, reliability, and his sound technical input and judgement. His enthusiasm for mountaineering is genuine: on numerous occasions I have been impressed by his keenness to do several days of walking/climbing on his days off with myself and other friends, often despite having done a number of long days with clients previously. Aside from being an avid mountaineer, other qualities that I can vouch for include Rob’s general interest in conservation, the environment, flora and fauna. As I have mentioned Rob has a very engaging character: while keen to share information with others he is always extremely interested to glean from the people he meets – their background, interests and motivation. He is additionally an excellent communicator both on a one-to-one basis and with larger groups. These qualities have always struck me as sound traits for guiding, leading and teaching effectively. I would therefore like to formally endorse this application as a named referee. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if required. Yours faithfully Rob Sunley Regulatory Scientist, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs